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Terms & Conditions

We kindly request that you carefully read the Parga Car Hire Terms & Conditions when selecting a vehicle. The information stated below is binding in all cases and is applied to all categories, of car rental vehicles, except when specific information is given for the various categories.

General Parga Car Hire Terms

1. Driver’s Age: Groups A, B & C:The driver/s must be at least 23 years old,  for all other groups 25 years, and have a driver’s license that was issued at least one year prior to the rental period, by the proper authorities. Additional drivers are permitted for € 2.50 per driver, per day

2. Method of Payment: The Parga Car Hire Agency requires a valid credit card, even if the car rental fees are paid in cash.

3. Traffic Violations: All fines and legal repercussions are the responsibility of the renter.

4. Baby Seats: For an additional charge of € 3.50 per day, you can rent a baby seat.

Car Insurance

All Parga Car Hire fees include:

* Local Taxes and 19% VAT
* Third Party Liability Insurance
* Car Theft Protection
* Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (C.D.W): Collision damage waiver insurance entails that the car is insured in case of collision damage (any material damage) caused by the renter, by payment of an extra amount by said renter: € 400 for categories A, B, & C, € 600 for category  D, E, G, R & T.

Full Damage Waiver  is available for A, B, and C  groups 7,50 euros per day , groups D and E 8.00 euros per day  and for all other groups 12 euros per day.

Insurance coverage does not apply in case of:

* Damage to the tires, windscreen, windows and the underside part of the car
* Damage to or theft of personal belongings that are kept inside the car
* Incidents that occur inside the car during its transport by ship or other means of transportation
* Incidents that occur while the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
* Accidents caused by a driver that has not been declared in the car rental contract  

Reservation Policy:

When making a reservation, you are required to submit your credit card number via our secure server. Your credit card number is kept as a guarantee. Reservations are confirmed via e-mail. In order to book a car, it is necessary that 25% of the total cost of the car rental is sent as a deposit. The remaining balance is settled upon your arrival at the Parga Car Hire Agency.

Deposits and payments must be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal).

Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation takes place:

* 7 days or more prior to arrival, the deposit of 25% of the total cost of the car rental is refunded.
* Less than 7 days prior to arrival, 25% of the total cost of the car rental is charged

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