Driving Tips

Always use SeatbeltGreece offers an excellent network of tarred roads with emergency services available along all the major highways.
Generally the speed limits are 40-60 km in built up areas, 100km in rural areas and 120-130km on highways. Speed limits apply in Game Reserves. These are all strictly enforced.
It is essential, by law, to wear seat belts.

Petrol is available 24 hours per day at all major centres and on all highways. In Parga the stations are open  most hours of the day and one of them a  few km away in  Agia Kiriaki village is open 24 h. If you are travelling via Igoumenitsa all the gas stations are  open for 24 h, most of them are located at the town entrance and the start of  Egnatia Road.
When driving you must be in possession of a valid, unendorsed drivers license at all times.
Do not drink and drive in Greece, as this is as serious an offence as anywhere else.
Long distances may be travelled with ease and traffic is often minimal. .No Drink and Drive

For your Safety

Keep all doors locked while driving.
Always park in a safe, designated area.
When leaving the vehicle unattended, lock all the doors and the boot (trunk).
Do not leave valuables in the vehicle. Personal property is not covered by Parga Car Hire insurance.
Do not hand keys to hotel porters to park the vehicle, or leave keys at reception.

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